Artificial Superintelligence: Self-Coding Predictive Technology

By October 26, 2021 No Comments

J4 Capital LLC is a registered investment adviser whose founder created the only known artificial superintelligence. The firm’s supercomputer is designed to predict market behavior for liquid exchange-traded securities. To demystify this space, we have highlighted the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

  1. How does Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) differ from Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  As AI is changing the world, Artificial Superintelligence is the next generation of AI, providing predictive technology, resolving outsized problems. Most importantly, the Superintelligence has the ability to self-code. J4 Capital’s supercomputer is designed to program itself, dynamically developing its own theorems, surpassing human capability and capacity.  J4 Capital’s CEO Jeff Glickman, a technology trailblazer, holds foundational patents from the 1990s for what ultimately became modern machine learning. In 2005, he created the only known artificial superintelligence (ASI). In 2019, J4 Capital deployed its Artificial Superintelligence to intraday trading on the U.S. equity markets. J4 Capital’s proprietary trading technology continuously adapts to changing market conditions, trading highly liquid public securities intraday. Unlike most investment firms, J4 Capital has developed a private cloud technology infrastructure which is highly secure and scalable.
  1. How is J4 Capital’s trading strategy unique?  J4 Capital has constructed an artificial superintelligence (self-programming prediction technology) based on the EFFICIENT market hypothesis. Unlike the search for inefficient asset pricing (leading to crowded trades and low accuracy) which is applied by many large investment firms managing liquid securities portfolios, J4 Capital is trading the efficient market, utilizing its dynamic self-programming process. In addition, unlike a black box employed by many well-known investment firms that use AI, J4 Capital’s technology is a white box. The supercomputer’s process is fully traceable.
  1. Where else can Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) be applied?  Artificial Superintelligence has broad applications in the investment and financial services sector.  In addition, over the next several years, ASI capabilities will be applied to many sectors such as government and military applications, manufacturing and supply chain logistics, healthcare and pharmaceutical, legal analysis, marketing, media and transportation.

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